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Why Choose MEI - Badger Elevator...

  • Reputation of outstanding customer service
  • Non-Proprietary Equipment
  • Account Manager assigned to help you understand your elevator needs
  • Highly Skilled, Trained, Experienced Elevator Technicians
  • Technicians Available 24/7 to minimize downtime
  • Service Packages tailored to the needs and usage of your equipment
  • Local company

Service Contract Benefits:
Minimize Liability, Costs and Elevator Downtime…

  • Extend the life of the elevator equipment and protect the major investment the building has made.
  • Proper preventive maintenance helps eliminate costly service callbacks.
  • Directs attention to potential problem areas before more extensive and expensive repairs become necessary.
  • Many insurance companies require routine elevator service and may offer discounted rates for liability insurance on properly maintained equipment.
  • The elevator industry is often targeted with liability claims for injuries related to the equipment or improper maintenance of the equipment.  Proper maintenance lowers this liability risk.

Types of Service Contracts:

  • Full Maintenance
    • Discounted Part & Charge-Out Rates
    • Small and Large Parts included
    • Regular Hour Callback (8:00 am-4:30pm M-F)
    • 24 Hour Callback
  • Performance & Lubrication
    • Monthly, Every other Month, Quarterly
    • Lubrication of necessary component parts
    • Discounted Part & Charge-Out Rates

What else...

  • We can perform the required safety and pressure tests.
  • We maintain service log sheets in each elevator machine room. 
    • These logs register the date of each visit.
    • The specific service that was completed
    • Name of the service technician
    • This provides valuable information to the building personnel as well as elevator mechanics responding to service calls
  • Provide Repair Recommendations to help eliminate emergency repairs

We work on all different types of manufacturer’s equipment and would be happy to perform a no cost survey to determine the best service contract solution for your facility.